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Nearly all of my bows are check free on the backs, but the stave can't be fully coated to prevent cracks or the stave will stay  This is one hour and 45 minutes of Bowmaking from Stave to complete Bow. Please call 319 835 5892 anytime for more about this DVD or to order Osage Staves. Thank you. Tapers, parallels, veneers of exotic wood. Apr 29, 2013 · Osage is unbelievably hard, heavy and rot resistant. Osage orange, or as it’s commonly referred to in these parts as Hedge Apple, is a fascinating, non-edible native species related to mulberry and fig. It’s hard as hell, has grain that twists and dips, it’s full of knots and has a splitting osage bow staves habit of growing all tangled up together While in Oklahoma for the 2018 Oklahoma Selfbow Jamboree we took a day to harvest a big load of osage orange trees for bow staves. Osage-orange works well with ordinary hand or power equipment, but the density of the wood requires sharp tools. Black locust, osage, mulberry, etc are considered heartwoods. I am somewhat new to selling on ebay but I am an experienced bowyer who has been cutting and selling bow staves for several years. Our replica Plains style flatbows are made of Osage Orange or Acacia (locust), are 42 to 50 inches long, and are hand worked with drawknife, following a single growth ring on the back of the bow. Pine Hollow Longbows. This permits them to dry out slowly and prevents warping and checking. Hickory backed with Bamboo staves. www. The bark on yew is thin and after a year's drying can be taken off with a draw knife quite easily. Mulberry. I. Find out what the natives of your area used. The wood was cut 2-18-13. A very informative site about the Osage Orange Tree. Examples of Selfbows from the Osage Orange Tree. Osage Orange Staves and Billets for the Bowyer 319 835 Easter,Bowyer. com From several points of view the Osage Orange is a tree The bows my classmates and I made are “self bows” carved from single riven staves of Osage orange wood. What I love about the wood is the strength, the resistance to decay and the natural curves, as well as the color. Build Wood Bows carries premium bow woods and bamboo backing for building your bamboo backed longbows. Our present stock was cut in March of Toggle navigation Moses Hard Woods Bow Staves. May 02, 2017 · Building a bow from Osage orange is a complex process, but it can be broken into a few steps. Yew. This type of bow is a perfect base for both hunting and target shooting! Find great deals on eBay for osage orange bow and osage orange long bow. Osage orange with custom hand-rubbed finish of shellac, tung, and linseed oil, with beeswax layered between coats. , NC 6/1/08. Everything else being equal, osage will make the narrowest bow of all common US woods. To make an osage orange bow, you need dried, quartered staves that have been cut from an osage tree trunk. You actually can make a usable bow with only a splitting wedge, a hammer to drive it, a sharp machete, and a pocket knife (and some knowledge about how wood bends). All our osage orange are grown from seed, so we are unable to grade the plants by sex prior to shipment. In fact, the fruit of Osage Orange is commonly used as insect repellant due because it contains elemol, a chemical effective at repelling mosquitos, ticks, crickets and spiders. It's our passion. Extra material such as horn nocks on the ends, or built-up handles, would A day of work may be needed, starting with a seasoned stave; a composite bow requires a week's work, and could possibly in parts of the Midwestern United States osage orange, Native Americans of the west coast used short, wide, recurved bows made of  While drying checks do occur in other wood species, Osage Orange is likely the most prone to developing checks. However, all pictures of osage orange show a tree that is very knotted and crooked. BILLETS AND STAVES. As you probably know, Osage trees don’t usually grow very straight, so finding a clean, straight one is a rare find. ARCHERY--OSAGE ORANGE and OAK STAVES FOR MAKING BOWS - $1 (Custer/Rapid City, SD) Two 72" osage orange staves, one 68" and one 76" oak stave, ready for you to make your next hand-crafted bow. BOW-BUILDING SUPPLIES. £180. Up for auction is this hand split OSAGE ORANGE bow stave. Hillsborough, Orange Co. Bodark Wood For Sale AKA . Country of Origin: USA(item OO) & Argentine* (item AOO - marked by *) It was a hands on presentation for the kids. Shop eBay for great deals on Other Archery Bows. Finding good quality Bow Staves is very diffucult. Additionally, our DIY bow making parts include replacement bowstrings and bow socks to complete and protect your new selfbow. Thanks for looking. Feb 02, 2020 · It may be surprising to some, but good quality bow wood can be found around the world in a variety of climates. Staves having a low percentage of early wood are also heavier and stronger. It was formerly planted as hedgerows or living fences elsewhere on the prairie and reputed to be: "Horse high, bull strong and hog tight". 16 likes. 639 SE 250, Clinton, MO  13 Jun 2010 Hunters like to use this wood for their hunting bows. . To sign up for a bow making class with Brian, please check our  Examples of Selfbows from the Osage Orange Tree. James with this year's Buck harvested with one of his Osage Bows. Available in 3 grades: A+, A and B. I have some of the best I have seen in years and this was a good cutting year as the sap run was down considerably. "Mike, I've been building self bows and sinew  Hand picked and carefully split osage orange staves for making your own archery bow. First, harvest a tree that’s relatively straight and knot-free. Please call 319 835 5892 anytime for more about this DVD or to order Osage Staves. The name Osage-Orange comes from the tree's use by the Osage Indians (for making bows) and the ball-shaped orange-colored, orange-shaped aggregate fruits. Click the button below to add the Osage Orange Staves to your wish list. 639 SE 250, Clinton, MO 64735. Primitive (but deadly) Archery - Contrary to popular opinion, usable primitive bows are not hard to make if you have patience, even for a novice. You need to shape each stave with a two handled knife, and  20 Oct 2013 Unfortunately, Osage orange is not a wood recommended for beginning bow makers. As f rock city usa Up for auction is a set of Osage Orange billets. Some of it is huge and a lot of it is perfect. From what I understand bow makers are very specific about what part of the tree the make the bow stave from. Shop with confidence. ft. Osage Orange almost too pretty to be put to use. The Staves & Steel Ranch is a 1600 sq. This is also an Educational and Historical site on  8 Mar 2009 Our Osage Orange Staves and Billets come from carefully selected trees and are hand split to provide the best grain formation possible. For equal safety less-dense osage should be a little wider or a little longer than denser, darker osage. The Osage Orange played an important role in the settlers moving West. As an all-around bow wood, Osage Orange ranks high. Osage orange tree (Maclura pomifera), known as a hedgeapple, is native in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma but is now found throughout the continental United States. Kustom King Phone (219) 828-5002. It was and still is esteemed for making bows. This video covers what to look for in a good tree, and how to split an osage into staves. Payment due within 3 days of the end of the auction. This is a perfect start to make your dream bow. SOLD. We offer bow staves, bow backing strips, riser blocks, and tip overlay blocks made from fine materials like hickory wood, ipe wood, bamboo, and Osage orange wood. I have a lot of Osage orange i can cut. They come 72 inches long, and can handle almost any bow design if made correctly. Staves from Osage Orange where used to make native american bows in the central part of the United States. They are sealed to prevent cracking and then stored to slowly age. i have researched but nowhere it tells me how to season the bow stave. 11884 North 500 East. This is one hour and 45 minutes of Bowmaking from Stave to complete Bow. Sinew backing around a hickory knot with bark The guy that bought this bow took a deer with it. Jan 30, 2013 · We got this Osage orange from eastern Missouri. Osage Orange (American) is a lighter color of Orange than the darker Argentine type. All staves are ideal for making a bow with hand tools. 65 Add to basket · Lemonwood – 75″ x 5″ x 2″- Longbow Stave. (Though it appears, at least on paper, that Maclura pomifera has a lower modulus of elasticity, making it more flexible—which may be good or bad depending upon the intended application. 06. S. They are either self bows   Lemonwood – 72″ x 4″ x 2″- Long Bow Stave. The rings are Tight and Jan 10, 2015 · I love working character Osage for bow making, especially the staves nobody wants - "that'll never make a bow. " I've got so many free bows from guys discarding perfectly good Osage this way. You can walk outside, find some local trees or shrubs, and start bending wood. Osage Orange is the premium traditional bow wood for Plains Style Flatbows from 38 to 60 inches. Please give me a call at 319 835 5892/0916 if you are looking for the very best in Osage,Hackberry,or Black Locust Bow Staves A very informative site about the Osage Orange Tree. Clay Hays goes down South and cuts his own logs of it and staves it out. The outer lines of the limbs are sanded to get the bright stripes. No Order Minimums. James Easter,Bowyer. Our name comes from the places we find a lot of our osage orange. The bow is being made by Anthonio Akkermans, who took and sent these pictures. “It’s a good wood, but it will not let you lie. Come spend 3 days making a bow that will take down any animal on this continent. Osage Orange Staves and Billets for the bowmaker for sale. We have decided that it is time to branch out and try a stand-alone site. Sawed staves, unlike our split ones, may or may not follow a twisting grain -- you never know till you take it down to the ring, and splitting ensures it runs close to right. The bow is finished in Nov 30, 2011 · Traditionally osage orange is regarded as a good wood for making a hunting bow. It is best to call so that you can tell me about your expereince level and the bow you have in mind, so that I can better match a stave to your needs. In such cases, buy from an accomplished bowyer for good wood. Hedge apple, Boisdarc, selfbow, longbow, bow stave, billets, staves, osage orange. Anybody milled any osage orange for the folks that make bows for archery? It seems that the native americans preferred osage orange for bow wood. osagestaves. Apr 26, 2016 · The bow is hand made from Osage Orange. £139. For a long time these were the only woods that people thought would work for bow making. Bows made from the Osage Orange Tree. This is also an Educational and Historical site. So what are these bugs? In this paper, I discuss the use of various woods for bow staves in the Great Basin and adjacent regions. OSAGE ORANGE BOW stave/staves/billets/bow wood/turning wood - EUR 49,09. Free shipping on selected items. I cut and use a lot for bow staves. It is 55 inches long, 2 1/4 inches Making the Osage Bow with James Easter. I am also only interested in selling not trading. Cold Stream Farm supplies Osage Orange trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order. All our bows are unique and while we can emulate one you see, no two bows will ever be identical. This is also an Educational and Historical site on Osage Orange. This bow has a draw weight of 53# at 28", and shoots beautifully. Stave is pretty straight with just a little twisting. Over the next two days we split over a hundred staves from the load. Kit includes dacron string with no loops, leather and lace for handle wrap and leather for arrrow rest. Sep 30, 2010 · The bow stave is half the work to do a good reliable selfbow. Examples of Selfbows from the Osage Orange Tree. Considered by many to be North America’s most durable hardwood, Osage orange is named after the Osage Indian Tribe and the orange refers to fruit of the tree. Traditional & Primitive Archery Supplies Traditional archery is who we are, not just what we do. Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock over 70 species of exotic wood. Handle is gentle bending. As you probably know, Osage trees don't usually grow very straight, so finding a clean, straight one is a rare find. Please plant enough to assure pollination. 1; 2 · 3 · →. Nov 02, 2009 · i have just cut down an osage orange tree and cut it into eights adn they are very nice staves. The bow tips are topped off with Water Buffalo tips. Osage Orange: 11. Raptor Archery . The osage orange staves were cut and seasoned by an experienced bowyer in the midwest. Osage Orange, Bois d'Arc, Horse Apple or Hedge . Because it's tough, long-lived and widely available in nature, the French dubbed the Osage orange tree bois d'arc, or wood of the bow. Semi finished osage orange and hickory self bow blanks. This Osage orange bow stave was made from a small Welcome to our website. Bow and Photographs by Anthonio Akkermans : Here's a series of photos showing various aspects of the construction of a bow from Osage Orange. Ash. That led to corruptions of that name so that it is sometimes called Bodark, Bodock, and Bow-wood. Buyer is buying the bow stave AS-IS. Osage Selfbows Hickory bending staves. Even if the bow survives tillering it’s probably not going to perform well or be durable. £145. The only straight piece of log visible may be form the trunk and not one of the branches. Osage Orange Staves and Billets for the Bowyer 319 835 5892. For a heavier bow, simply remove less wood. business@gmail. If you want to make a great performing flightbow, the wood has… I have some osage orange that has clearly been infected with some bugs. Even if the outside looks rotted just beyond the grey is bright gold or yellow firewood - I have some bow staves that have been outside for 15+ years laying in the dirt and once you cut into them it is pristine. Has anyone done this? If so, did you take the bark off before drying? Can I just paint the edges with latex paint and set to dry? Any advice on splitting and drying woudl be greatly appreciated. Osage Orange Bow Stave Staves Billets Bow Wood Turning Wood Sale. No photo  The bow-stave wood will be from the Osage Orange tree--one of the most prized and effective woods for bow-making. Osage Orange (USA) Overview. This type of bow is a perfect base for both hunting and target shooting! Tallgrass Custom Wood Products is one of the few sawmills producing lumber from Osage-orange (also called "hedge") and black locust trees. My bows are made from carefully selected staves of yew, osage orange, vine maple, ocean spray and other high quality bow woods. South America- Ipe, Lemonwood (Degame), and Guayabi. Each bow that I craft is of the highest quality in performance and finish, and will cast arrows at speeds in excess of the established norms. It is 2½" - 3" wide on the back and 1¾" - 2" thick. Osage Orange Oil and Wood. We are small home crafters of artisan quality osage orange bow making products. I have made some bows (limited luck, but they shot for awhile, LOL) with other woods from around WI. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Osage Orance Hedge Apple Horse Apples, Monkey Mulberry Wood Balls Online Store. ) Osage Orange has been shown in studies to produce more BTUs when burned than any other domestic hardwood, and is accordingly sometimes used as fuelwood. bow stave bow staves archery osage orange bow staves hickory bow staves yew staves osage orange bow stave <p dir="ltr">Selling a 69" osage orange bow stave. New Listing OSAGE ORANGE bow stave/staves/billets/bow wood/turning wood Click the button below to add the Osage Orange Staves to your wish list. Osage. Another excellent bow wood costing about twice as much is yew, which comes mostly from Oregon and Washington. These staves are straight with little to no twist, and are dried and ready to be turned into your masterpiece. I don't have much Yew for 2013 We also stock a wide range of bow staves for sale, as well as part finished “bow kits”,for D. of covered deck. Good staves yield hard shooting, tough, sturdy bows that will stand lots of abuse. Are there any special techniques? How thick? Any particular grain orientation? What about value? I have a 10 foot osage orange log and I might want to prepare it for bow wood, but I do not know how. I then discuss the harvesting of wood for bow staves from still living Juniper trees in western Nevada, and offer ideas about the exchange of wooden bow staves or completed bows from this region to other regions. Yew can be quite well replaced with osage orange that is easier to get supplied and cheaper. The most common name of "Osage Orange" came about by its favored use as a bow material by the Osage tribe. and Osage Staves. Archery Suppliers BILLETS AND STAVES compiled from Traditional Bowhunter and Primitive Archer Magazines July 1995 by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf. You searched for: osage orange bow! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. It has a brighter yellow appearance which oxidizes to a dark brown. Bows & Staves. “First called 'white woods,' are abundant, tend to grow straight, and produce good bow blanks, often called staves,” Hendershott says. I have a couple hand knapped knifes he has also made for me in the past but at this time I can't locate the pictures. Nestled in the community of Timber Creek Trails; minutes away from Broken Bow Lake, Beaver’s Bend State Park, and The Mountain Fork River. Remember that wood is a natural product and Read moreBig Jim’s Exotic Bow Woods This beautifully clean osage orange bow stave is perfect for making your next longbow. Getting a straight Stave,excellent growth ring pattern and few limb knots is very time consuming and even then getting all three wood issues at the same time is rare. com Build Wood Bows is your place for bow building tools, materials and instructions. In fact, some bow makers think the Osage Orange’s wood for bows is superior to the Yew Tree, which is usually held up to be the classic standard. If purchasing hand-split staves for an archery bow, note that this is very specialized Osage-orange stock. The ratio is up to mother nature. Milled lumber will not work for a self-bow because where the grain runs off the board creates weak spots. Premium Osage Orange Staves These are top quality, premium staves split from large trees with the ends sealed and the bark has been left on. These bows are completely handmade from various hardwoods and are serious hunting weapons. The truck bed is 11" for size comparison. Kelly Hobbs. It was the feared weapon of the archer infantrymen because of its range. This surprises me as I have never had bugs get in my osage before. OSAGE ORANGE BOW Stave/staves/billets/craft wood/turning wood - $26. And Other Woods. Free of any knots. Tillering required. 95 $49. Buy our selection of Osage Orange Bow Stave Staves Billets Bow Wood Turning Wood now! Featuring deals for Osage Orange Bow Stave Staves Billets Bow Wood Turning Wood from eBay. Any links, Ebay sellers, or names of premium wood suppliers would be appreciated, thank you. The staves for 2012, came from Yew logs cut from Audley end house by a tree surgeon. The BEST warranty in the business and only 4 warranty cases in over 300 custom bows. Cherokee men in the old Southeastern homelands preferred to use Black Locust, he said. Rocky mountain Laminations. Are bows always made from the trunk of the tree? Are the branches ever used? Is it accepted practice to take a crooked branch, starighten it Before the staves are stored away for seasoning, the bark is removed and the staves given a coat of shellac. 00. This is new to us. Well-known from the Hundred Years War (1346. Similarly, black locust is extremely durable and naturally resistant to insect damage and rot. The next hickory bow. Back and ends are sealed. wood bowyers to make their own bows. com Osage Orange (Argentine) lumber, turning wood, hobby wood and instrument wood. Wish we had Osage around here, I would enjoy it more if I could go out and harvest it. All of our Osage Staves are carefully selected as best we can to help Osage Orange (Hedge) ID, cutting for bow staves Discussion in 'Traditional Archery' started by Mailman, Mar 22, 2018. New listing OSAGE ORANGE Bow Stave/staves/b illets/craft wood A very informative site about the Osage Orange Tree. The reputation of such bows spread widely from the land of their makers-the Osage Indians of Arkansas and Missouri. i know people make bows and knife handles out of it. Build your bow with one of our staves. It offers the best substrate for sinew-backed bows. Working Osage-orange in the shop. Check us out on Facebook! For questions email me at : yndyousee@hotmail. En Francais, Bois is wood and arc is bow. What does this mean??? In most cases, it means nothing at all. Please select ‘Bow This is a premium grain hickory bow stave. a well-made Osage-orange bow was worth “a horse and a blanket”), and for wheel rims The page is dedicated to the discussion of drying checks (tiny cracks) in Osage. She is a 62” symmetrical bow – handle exact in the geometrical middle. Has small rings. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the the wood is disease free, pest free and rot-resistant. In the days before the invention of barbed wire, settlers used hedgerows of the thorny osage orange tree. I have a barn full of aged staves languishing that need to be made into bows. I will try and take some more and add to the post later. Bowyer Stave Store. This is a very common wood in the bottomlands of the nearby Brazos River. 3Rivers offers bow backing strips, limb laminations, riser blanks, bamboo, fiberglass, and even snakeskins. Osage Orange, a tree introduced into Ohio during the 1800s, is commonly seen in rural areas where it is found in fields and fence rows. Splitting an osage log into bow staves A straight Osage Orange log is like a log of gold to a selfbow bowyer. questions I hear is "Is it okay to make a bow from a wood other than yew or Osage orange Secondly, yew staves can cost $120. com Jan 05, 2013 · A trip home for the holidays led to a pile of osage on it's way to becoming bows. Our passion is in is crafting longbows and flatbows from pacific yew. Our book and DVD section has many selections on self bow building. ft, single level luxury cabin, with 1000 sq. That is why ours are split. "This is the best bow wood there is," Wilson says. Osage is remarkably free from insect and fungal enemies. While drying checks do occur in other wood species, Osage Orange is likely the most prone to developing checks. Staves & Billets Osage orange is the wood of choice for me, but I do try to keep a few alterative woods around for when I feel like doing something different. May 19, 2013 · tips for beginners on procuring bow staves so I said osage orange. thank you. 51 Given the great differences in density and overall strength between Yew and Osage Orange, it’s very interesting to note that the Bow Index of the two species comes out to nearly the same. Page 2 of 2 Lake St Louis/Osage County. Courses that teach how to build a longbow. Traditional longbows and flat bows custom crafted, to the highest performance and finish, from select Osage Orange staves. Battle of Crécy: 16,000 English won over 30,000 French) Traditional material of this bow is yew. Seasoning the staves means drying them indoors for about a year so they can be worked into a bow. Each day you will be instructed in the  Osage Orange Wood Staves Bows. She is heavy heat treated, no stain on the belly! The back is dyed to match with the belly. The Osage Orange tree, native to a small area of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, yields a bright canary yellow wood of uncommon resilience, while the Osage orange bow staves for $80 each, ask about shipping. Who is a good supplier of various premium staves for bow making, around 72 inches? Looking for hackberry, hickory, osage orange, vine maple and cherry mainly. We are always happy to provide help and assistance to would be bowyers and infact actively encourage folk to experiment and make their own bows, instead of just buying one ready made. </p> The osage tree is prized by bow hunters for its hard wood. Osage staves ($40-65) and billets ($50) Oren cutting mulberry staves ($50) and billets ($45) Eastern red cedar billets and staves ($40) This is a premium grain hickory bow stave. The string is also hand made by the same gentlemen. Do you know if he is wanting to make an osage orange self-bow or something like a bamboo backed osage orange longbow? If he wants to make a self-bow then he needs to get either a whole log, or splits from a log which are called staves. Superior hickory staves for traditional self bows. We have a fine selection of Osage Orange, Hackberry,and Archery Suppliers. We carry bow building kits and bow staves for building traditional and primitive longbows. 00 U. Jun 26, 2010 · I have hickory and osage orange bow staves that I'm willing to sell or trade. You can easily complete a bow in a matter of hours. Billets are 40 inches to 44 inches in length and air I was able to get a few nice logs of osage orange today and I want to split them and get them drying for staves. Stave is straight with a little twist. Yew Bow Staves / Billet Sets Bow Staves Vary in Length from 68 inches to above 84 inches. Selling a 73" osage orange bow stave. The billets measure 33 3/16" long. In 1815 a sinew-backed Osage Orange bow was worth a horse and a blanket in trade in southern Missouri, so the excellence of this wood has long been recognized. osage orange self bow left handed. I am thinking of trying my hand at make a bow with osage orange wood. One of the professors had some hedge apples. Nov 24, 2009 · I love Osage Orange, it is an ugly duckling that blooms into a swan. i am a first time bow maker so i need help. I never rush a bow. Bow woods fall into 2 general categories as to how they are treated. Proven success in the Tournament field and hunting woods alike. We harvest, split, and season these staves ourselves. A lot of confusion on making an osage bow comes from getting the back into 1 growth ring. You'll find new or used products in Other Archery Bows on eBay. There are Osage Orange (called “hedge” locally) fence posts in this area that are over 50 years old, still standing strong. This gorgeous bow is made of lemon yellow Osage orange and mimics the English Longbow of the Middle Ages. Note that this is for the North American species, with Argentine Osage Orange only scoring an above-average Bow Index of 9. Osage-orange is the hardest and longest lasting wood of any native tree in North America. Jul 24, 2016 · A very informative site about the Osage Orange Tree. A self bow or simple bow is a bow made from a single piece of wood. now, while most people have the ability to go  Made of a wood traditionally used for bows, the Osage Orange Wood LARP Bow has a gorgeous finish to its wood grain, resulting in an authentic, historical look. He said that the apples were a food source for the mega fauna such as mammoths and prehistoric camels. Its usage as a large hedge tree in a row planting and the softball-sized fruits of female trees give it the alternative common name of Hedge Apple. It's simple and eloquent, hand crafted products, not machine produced, duplicated over and over, each looking and feeling exactly like all the others. compiled from Traditional Bowhunter and Primitive Archer Magazines July 1995 by. Mar 28, 2018 · Here, we're splitting bow staves from Osage orange but this technique will work well for most bow wood like hickory, elm, red oak, maple, etc. 20 (1 new offer) 100 Seeds: maclura pomifera Seeds, Osage Orange, USA, Frost-Hardy, Wood for Long Bow Compression is what will make a bow fail, most often, before other factors and juniper stands up to compression and tension very well. Next, spilt the tree lengthwise into staves and season them. LATIN: MACLURA POMIFERA ORIGIN: NORTH AMERICA. Today the weather was good and I had some free time so I jumped on the opportunity to get back into production. Rekindle the romance of traditional archery with a hand-crafted, Swiftwood bow. 2 staves $100 + $20 shipping. Kirk- I don’t know for certain the exact way the indians made their bows, but I know today traditional bow makers will split pieces long pieces around 2×2 in thickness off bow length pieces of osage log. These large animals helped the osage orange tree reproduce since their digestive systems really ground up the apples before they were excreted. You searched for: staves! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Their best part is the inner heartwood and not the outer sapwood which must be removed immediately or eventually. San Pierre IN 46374. 124086254498 Payment due within 3 days of the end of the auction. Sep 01, 2017 · Osage orange (Maclura pomifera), is also known as bow-wood, bodark, boduck, horse-apple or bois d’arc. Hand picked and carefully split osage orange staves for making your own archery bow. Our goal is to provide you with the best in traditional archery, primitive archery, self bows, self-bow classes, and all the traditional archery equipment and supplies you could want. Other common names include Bois-d'arc, Bow-wood, and Hedge-apple. From there all the shaping and forming of the bow is done with The most informative site on the Internet about the Osage Orange Tree. Pee Wee Osage orange selfbow, up to 20#: add $80. Average lengths are 58”to 70". The feature of the bow is its simplicity. We believe in a bow building process which allows us to listen to the wood. I have actually even heard people say that bugs can't even get to the stuff on account of its hardness. The best bow staves had split We like building special one of a kind bows and the wood you choose is a big part of that. Get Free Osage Orange Bows For Sale now and use Osage Orange Bows For Sale immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping Welcome to the Smith Lumber online store. Of course we are all familiar with the bark. Both of these woods may be had in full length staves of from 5'0" to 6'0". He said what's that, to which I replied, you know those trees that drop a big green round fruit Sometimes I use a slight variation on the handles especially on staves of spliced billets. It is what we see on the outside of the tree. Over the last three years I’ve only made about one bow per year as commissions. Four (4) Osage Orange Bowl Blanks Lathe Turning Block Lumber Wood 6 X 6 X 3'' More Buying Choices $111. Or you can try some research first. It takes time to fashion, tiller, and 'teach" the limbs to bend. Cut from a live tree on 1-8 -2019. To go out cutting wood is the beginning, to grade the staves and to assign them to a design and to the purpose of a bow is the 2nd step. Lots of trees on the farm and I have my eye on a nice, straight, limb free piece. I will sell the small stuff as fence posts. These staves are roughed out bows already bending and ready for you to tiler and finish yourself. This is a 65" (nock to nock) yew longbow. But with the bigger stuff i want to sell as logs if there is a market for it. At one time, a Plains Indian brave would gladly trade a horse and blanket for a bow made of the wood. Osage is often regarded as the best bow wood available, and for good reason. To build a bow you need to start with good material. Forest Service. 00 Add to basket · Lemonwood – 75″ x 4″ x 2″- Longbow Stave. It may be worth a trip down somewhere and get your own. Depending on where you live, some varieties are: North America- Osage Orange, Pacific Yew, Hickory, Maple, Juniper, Elm, Ash, Birch, and Locust. Do not be afraid to take anything that is down and has been dead for years. Osage Orance Hedge Apple Horse Apples, Bodark Wood for Sale - Purchase from our Online Store Bow Staves. 73&QUOT; OSAGE ORANGE Bow Stave - $25. Kustom King Traditional Archery. A good Osage orange stave costs about $50. The Osage bow has been taken down to one growth ring and sides and belly cut. Osage Orange (Hedge) ID, cutting for bow staves does everybody know what osage orange is now and how to cut it into staves for bow making? Last edited Jan 18, 2016 · The Wood Doctor describes the uses of Osage Orange. Instuctions are not included. Our first love here at Pine Hollow Longbows is traditional archery. To sign up for a bow making class with Brian, please check our home page for info on the next class. Area bow makers prefer the Bois d’arc (also called Osage-Orange and Horse-Apple) tree, but Grayson said Cherokees used other woods such as Yellow Locust, Hickory, Ash and Black Locust. The bowyer cuts and splits the wood into 4 inch sections (or so). It has no knots, with a nice, very clean back. Each bow is individually flat-rate priced (shipping including in price). This is a great first project. As novices, we used modern tools for speed and accuracy, but you could make this bow Jan 02, 2011 · Trees in History, series provided by Jud Scott, who is a lover of trees and history. If you let us know if you're looking for, we will select the type of stave that will work best for your special bow building project as far as length and character goes. The other staves are from Owl Bows in Grants, New Mexico. Osage Orange Order exotic Osage Orange wood in turning blanks, pen blanks, knife blanks, cue stock, peppermill blanks & turning blocks online in any amount you like. I don't know what kind though. It has a long, somewhat snakey narrow shape when viewed from the front and gradually thickens to the handle, but doesnt have  Learn how to turn a simple wooden stave — which you can cut to size yourself — into a bow designed perfectly for your shooting The bows my classmates and I made are “self bows” carved from single riven staves of Osage orange wood. bowstaves. Most of these staves will produce a bow in the 50 pound range at a 28" draw, but you can easily remove enough material to make a bow in the 40s. For ordering contact Bowyer Bill Darr directly at 954-254-6067 with any questions regarding a custom bow order, we can match equipment to your individual needs. I would like to try to make a bow from one of those with the handle right in that bend For those of you who don't live in areas with "good bow woods," where do you get your staves? I can go outside and find an Oregon White Oak or Vine Maple (which make fine bows) easily, but there is not an abundance of osage orange, black locust, etc nearby. If you are interested in  If you let us know if you're looking for, we will select the type of stave that will work best for your special bow building project as far as length and character goes. com www. Osage Orange loves to grow twisted,crooked,and full of limbs. My staves are currently spoken for until Autumn 2013. If you need help preserving a tree or resolving a tree conflict, Jud can be reached at 317-815-8733 The unoffical National Champion Osage Orange! osage orange staves-- James Easter Bowyer, 22:39:43 02/11/03 Tue I am now working on getting my Osage Staves cut in 2003 ready to put away for seasoning. When you demand the best, you demand a Custom HuntPrimitive bow by Ryan Gill Ryan Gill hand makes each bow from seasoned staves of North American bow wood. It offers the best substrate for sinew-backed Drying and Seasoning Basics. First we must understand what a tree is made of (keeping in mind I am not a botanist). It is perfect for hunting food or foe and for crafting your native shaman character . 95 Add to cart More Ringing Rocks Archery, 615 W Magnolia Ave Aldan, PA 19018 Call us Nov 18, 2015 · Bois D'Arc means "wood of the bow" and was the French term for it upon seeing the Native American Indians use of it. We appreciate the opportunity to provide lumber for your craft, hobby, and work needs. Walking Canes are made from Osage Orange Osage Orange. com Jan 28, 2012 · 109 bow staves from 1 osage tree. As you can see, these woods will really make your bow special. Osage Orange can be quite difficult to work with due to its density but, is quite strong and works well in bow Hickory and Bamboo Bow Kit! Premium Grain! $39. if you could tell me or give me a link than it would be greatly appreciated. Bows like this are real weapons, not toys. Many people around here believe the large fruits repel insects like spiders and so they religiously collect and place these fruits in their basements every year. (816) 477-3652. This page shows you a good representation of the woods we have in our shop. Osage or yew would be the go-to’s but I would prefer to build a bow out of what’s available wildly in my region before I would consider buying a stave and having it shipped. They call these pieces “staves” which are basically just a bow blank. Category Bow Staves Osage orange is gnarly, thorny, and about as contrary as any wood you’ll find. We feature Osage Orange Bow Stave Staves Billets Bow Wood Turning Wood in stock online. It is 2" - 2" wide on the back and 1" - 3" thick. While the edibility of the Osage Orange has been maligned for decades, its usefulness as a tree has not. High Quality Osage Bow Staves Wood is used for Bow Making by the Pros. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. A favorite hedgerow tree, it attains a height of approximately 30 feet according to the U. Wherever Osage orange grew, it had many a use. Start with a thin wedge or axe head in the small end Find great deals on eBay for bow staves and bow stave. Made the osage orange bow and still have it today! It is still a great bow - just a lot darker. Hunters like to use this wood for their hunting bows. Osage is easily heat or steam bent. Email me at jonathanwh. Medicine Bow Wood. Come stay for a weekend, or a week, and enjoy the peacefulness of Staves & Steel Ranch The most informative site on the Internet about the Osage Orange Tree. Overlays are osage, standing rings andRead more Unfortunately, Osage orange is not a wood recommended for beginning bow makers. If you can find or borrow a saw, that will help you cut the bow staves and will work out better than chopping and breaking The premium bow woods Osage Orange and Yew require special preparation and I am not considering them here. Perfect your primitive archery success with superior supplies. 80 Add to basket. We have been selling on eBay for over four years now. Before the staves are stored away for seasoning, the bark is removed and the staves given a coat of shellac. This video shows the process for splitting bow staves from large logs, starting with a discription The bark is usually taken off the osage orange staves to help them season. There were a few "character" staves. Are bows always made from the trunk of the tree? Are the branches ever used? Is it accepted practice to take a crooked branch, starighten it Home → Survival → Hunting → Bow and Arrow Construction of a Bow from Osage Orange. All bows come with 2 Fast Flight strings, a stringing string, and a protective fleece bow sock. It's been seasoned for 3 years and is essentially a 2-inch thick sapling that's been split in half. The process can take several hours and is tedious. Generally, woods you want to avoid are softwoods like pine, fir, spruce, and cedar because they’re really tension weak. Cut from a live tree on 12-20-2019. Snakeskin Backing A snakeskin backing is a good way to help waterproof a sinew backing, and it adds a nice primitive look to the bow. email: info@KustomKingArchery. While hard to find, straight-grained Osage Orange is an ideal wood for making compound bows. It has nice wide rings. Prices are negotiable, and do not include the cost of shipping. Nov 30, 2011 · Traditionally osage orange is regarded as a good wood for making a hunting bow. The Best of the Best in Primitive Archery. This Bow was a Selfbow at 45 pounds draw weight. Really just about any wood will make a bow if you design it right — whether that design is practical is the question. Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf. Update: I have a variety of osage in full length staves, and some nice yew in billet lengths right now. It is 71 inches long, 2 1/8 inches I have a small supply of Yew staves seasoning and will custom make longbows (and primitive bows from Yew or other woods) to commission. Y. Once you have the bow at your preferred weight, simply sand and paint or stain it. i was wondering what i really should do before i even think of making a bow out of them. osage orange bow - compare prices at BuyCheapr. You might have heard of these two classic North American bow woods: osage orange and Pacific yew. “First, it requires bow makers to ‘chase a growth ring,’ where all of the wood above that growth ring must be carefully removed to reveal the back of the bow,” Hendershott says. osage orange bow staves

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